56% Of Renters Still Plan To Move Despite Ongoing Pandemic

25 March 2020

56% Of Renters Still Plan To Move Despite Ongoing Pandemic

Inman News

RentCafe’s latest survey shows the majority of renters aren’t canceling moving plans.

Although buyer demand seems to be coming to a grinding halt in much of the country, a new report by RentCafe published on Monday shows a majority of renters plan to soldier on with their moving plans.

In a survey of 6,000 renters, 56 percent said they still planned to move, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Another 17 percent canceled their moving plans altogether, while 27 percent were undecided or placed their plans on hold.

“These survey results go to show that, whether it’s because of optimism, forced circumstances or other personal reasons, finding a home takes priority even in the most troubling of times,” wrote RentCafe researcher Alexandra Ciuntu.

RentCafe said it will continue to conduct weekly surveys throughout the pandemic, as it expects the next set of surveys to reflect the impact of shelter-in-place orders and stricter social distancing guidelines.

“Things tend to develop fast in times of crisis, and as such, we’ll be interested to see how the renter perception changes as things progress,” Ciuntu said. “RentCafé plans to re-run the survey later this week to capture renter sentiment after stay-at-home orders were put in place in a number of states.”