About Santa Fe

Todos Santos Chocolates

125 E Palace Ave #31, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Todos Santos (All Saints) is a chocolate shop opened by Hayward Simoneaux in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1999. He began shaping his confections in the shape of Milagro (votive)s, "small charmlike silver and gold offerings made to saints" in traditional Hispanic cultures, using custom molds and coatings of silver and gold leaf. Simoneaux's skills with the materials were refined as a fine art framer. Todos Santos chocolates are Valrhona based and fine packaged chocolates such as Knipschildt and Michel Cluizel are also sold. The store also offers its own and flavored truffles "in flavors like black pepper, burn caramel, and red chile-tangerine", enclosed in "ornate" and "colorful" packaging.