Tour a Santa Barbara Post-Modern Contemporary Home

26 May 2016

Tour a Santa Barbara Post-Modern Contemporary Home


26 May 2016

Through white pillared gates, the entry drive lined with mature olive trees reveals arrow straight walls of brilliant white plaster, accents of clear grain cedar, and a steel panel roof that set the tone of contemporary grandeur for this approximately 10,143 square foot residence.


A magnificent 3.7-acre ocean bluff property is the setting for this awe-inspiring contemporary compound where a sophisticated design and construction process has resulted in a home of incredible luxury and comfort.


Designed by the Warner Group of Montecito, the architectural integrity of this wondrous estate is without peer, and offers a dramatic contrast to the Tuscan villas and Monterey Colonial architecture that have long been the dominant design ethos of Santa Barbara.

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The staggering attention to detail throughout the home is astounding. A spectacular Simon Raab aluminum and polymer sculpture dominates the fireplace wall in the living room, where brilliant blues, greens and browns portray the Santa Barbara coastline.


The family room, kitchens and bar are designed for large scale entertaining.

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The master suite has astounding views in all directions. The balcony, flanked by two graceful palms is intimate and inviting. The glass wall rotunda is a delightful sitting area; an ideal place to welcome the new day with a cup of expresso. A handsome fireplace adds a special ambiance to the room. The highlight of the master is a sculptural metal staircase that rises to the third level “lookout” tower. Here a tall cedar hot tub sits under the open sky.

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The central staircase, powder coated in a subtle stainless steel color, ascends to the private family rooms. Three handsomely proportioned family guest bedrooms feature partially vaulted hip ceilings with cove lighting.

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Perhaps the grandest room on this level is the sumptuous book lined private study. A large aquarium is the focal point of this “ne plus ultra” state of the art office. Pivot Door hinges allow the five hundred pound door to be opened with the touch of a finger. Views from the office balcony are endless and offer a welcome respite from the stress of international finance, or the deadlines of a successful screen writer; whatever the pursuit, this home office is without rival.


A Zen-like mirrored Pilates, yoga and dance studio with wooden floors enjoys peaceful views across the lawns to water’s edge and is without doubt one of the most beautiful studios ever designed. It features an over-sized private bath and shower.


With a design that has anticipated every possible desire for comfort and elegance of living, where brilliant sunsets can be enjoyed while strolling the approximate 204 feet of ocean bluff, 4305 Marina Drive now takes its just place among the architectural gems of Santa Barbara.


$35,000,000 | Santa Barbara, CA

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