Median Home Price Hits A New Record: $300,000

5 April 2019

Median Home Price Hits A New Record: $300,000

Home Prices Have Reached Record Highs—Despite the Housing Slowdown

Despite a cooling housing market, high prices will continue to pose challenges for buyers, according to

The housing slowdown that has given hope to price-squeezed buyers, struck fear into the hearts of sellers, and captivated real estate aficionados from coast to coast appears to have taken a break. Home list prices aren’t coming down, it seems—instead they reached a new all-time high as the busy spring market begins.

Median list prices crossed the $300,000 mark for the first time in March, according to a recent® report. And while annual price growth had been slowing and is even down in a few parts of the country, nationally list prices shot up 7.2% year over year in March.

That’s significantly more than inflation, which was just 1.5% in February.