GOOD NEWS! Number of Units Sold and Average Sale Price for Santa Fe Residential Listings by Year and for 2010 Through July 7

We may be on track for a fairly significant increase in volume this year over last.  There have been 906 units sold year to date as compared with 534 last year to the same date, a 70% increase over last year. 

Average sold price is only about 3.5% lower this year to date than all of last year, compared with a drop of over 15% in the previous two years.  And the data this year shows that values are holding steady as of about the last four months.

Sales of residential properties over $1,000,000 in the City have more than doubled so far this year over last, 16 as compared with 7; and holding steady in the County with 18 sales this year to date as compared with 17 last year.  And as of today there are ten more properties over $1,000,000 with contracts pending; three of those over $2,000,000 and one over $4,000,000.

Sothbeby’s continues to maintain an impressive market share for all residential sales volume; we have less than 10% of the brokers in Santa Fe (82 out of 840) and have a twenty percent market share!

Five Year Comparison through July 7, 2010

Year to Date Ranking for Residential Sales as of July 8, 2010 By Dollar Volume