Safe and Sound


Whether you’re lying on a beach a thousand miles away or just down the street at the neighborhood grocery store, sometimes you can’t help but worry about the security of your home (or maybe your office). Give yourself peace of mind by checking out these latest home security devices.


climate control

Wondering if a thunderstorm is wreaking havoc on your home when you’re away? The Deluxe Water and Freeze Alarm will automatically alert you by calling up to three telephone numbers when it detects water leaks, flooding or an overflowing sump pump. You also can find out when your home becomes too hot (protecting your pets) or too cold (preventing frozen pipes) and be alerted if the power goes out. And you can control the heat or air conditioning remotely so you always arrive home to a comfortable temperature. Just want to see if everything is OK at home? You can check on your system from anywhere in the world.  $335


finger tip

No two fingerprints are the same. And with the Bio Remote 333 Fingerprint Door Lock With Remote Control, you can take advantage of your print’s individuality. Open your door by placing your registered fingerprint on the lock — no keys necessary. The weatherproof lock can record up to 99 fingerprints, making it perfect for your home or office, and comes with a remote control so you can open the door from the inside without getting up. And you won’t have to change the locks again — just remove or reset the the fingerprint data.  $249


four eyes

You can be in only one place at a time, but with the Wireless 4 Camera Color Quad With Remote View, you can see all. This security device  comes with night-vision cameras and a remote, and the four wireless cameras transmit video to a single USB receiver, which plugs directly into your computer for easy recording. Set the cameras on a ceiling, wall or desk and select from motion-activated, scheduled or continuous recording options with time and date stamping. View the footage in full-screen mode or four-way split-screen mode or switch from camera to camera and into quad screen at intervals you set.  $449.95


iSpy or

It seems there really is a smartphone app for just about anything. Mobiscope is the first app to stream live camera feeds to a smartphone user’s device, allowing users to watch video feeds from their own security camera or a public webcam from anywhere. All you need is a camera connected to your computer and your mobile device. Get motion detection alerts with snapshots via e-mail and customize recording schedules on up to four cameras. It works on BlackBerrys, iPhones, Windows Mobile, J2ME, Symbian phones and can also be accessed as a Web service. From $0.99 to $29.95, depending on mobile device.


total package

If you want a security system that does it all — that lets you lock and unlock doors without keys, control lighting and temperature remotely, and learn who’s coming and going — you’ll find it in the Schlage LiNK system. The secure, Web-based system, which uses Z-wave wireless technology, allows you to do all that and more from anywhere using your computer or cell phone. You can receive text or e-mail notifications when specific users access the lock, and you can easily change, add and delete user codes — perfect for granting temporary access to repairmen, for example. The starter kit includes one wireless deadbolt or lock, the network communications bridge, batteries to power the lock and a light module for remotely controlling lighting.  $299, plus $12.99 monthly subscription fee.