Top 10 Most Promising Housing Markets

Daily Real Estate News

Housing Predictor, which provides housing forecasts in 250 markets, has identified 10 that have avoided the subprime crisis and have thriving economies; markets where the regional economies are healthy and have strong potential for increasing prosperity.

These housing markets have bucked the national trend in 2008 and avoided the subprime crisis, the consultancy says.

Whatever the future holds for the housing market as a whole, Housing Predictor forecasts that these cities will continue to see steady, dependable growth.

Top cities and the percentage sales prices have increased so far in 2008.
Biloxi, Miss., 4.9 percent
Salem, Ore., 4.7 percent
Bismarck, N.D., 4.6 percent
Spokane, Wash., 4.4 percent
Yakima, Wash., 4.1 percent
Austin, Texas, 4.0 percent
Grand Junction, Colo., 4.0 percent
Fargo, N.D., 4.0 percent
Mobile, Ala., 3.9 percent
Albuquerque, N.M., 3.5 percent