Val Kilmer Lists New Mexico Ranch

Val Kilmer, who’s failed to find a buyer for parts of his 6,000-acre New Mexico ranch, has now listed all of it for $33 million.

The 49-year-old actor, who announced in February that he may run for New Mexico governor next year, says he’s listing so that “someone who has the time and the finances” can maintain and preserve the property.

His Pecos River ranch (with nearly six miles of the popular trout-fishing river) is about 25 miles southeast of Santa Fe and remains largely wild with canyons and pine forests. There’s a main log house of about 5,600 square feet with four bedrooms, and two guest houses.

The star of “The Doors” (1991) and “Batman Forever” (1995) assembled the ranch roughly 13 years ago. In 2006, he asked $18 million for 1,800 acres of the property, including the main houses. In January Mr. Kilmer offered those houses on a 1,000-acre parcel for $9 million, down from $12 million a few months earlier.


“For over a decade, I searched for a property that embodies the alluring natural majesty and splendor of the Southwest. My search finally ended here, at the Pecos River Ranch. It’s impossible to put into words the beauty and power of this land.” – Val Kilmer


Val Kilmer’s Pecos River Ranch

Pecos River Ranch epitomizes the wild beauty and natural spirit of New Mexico and the Southwest. The Ranch’s 5,970 acres offer a unique combination of classic high desert country, and the region’s only native trout stream, resulting in a diverse and spectacular ecosystem. Virgin growths of piñon and juniper cover the hillsides and some five and three-quarter miles of the pristine Pecos River traverse the ranch through canyons lined with towering rock walls and majestic ponderosa pines. The views looking down the river canyon are complimented with long vistas of distant snowcapped peaks. Sportsmen and wildlife watchers alike delight in the variety of wildlife and birds that roam this expansive untamed land.

The Region

Bordering the Santa Fe National Forest, Pecos River Ranch is a continuation of this diverse and thriving ecosystem. With a comfortable climate featuring about 300 days of sunshine a year, the ranch experiences four seasons with distinctive changes in the flora and fauna.

The ranch is only eight miles from Pecos for daily amenities and 22 miles southeast of the arts and cultural destination of Santa Fe, with its unique Southwestern culture and array of dining, shopping, museums, galleries and opera. All of the world class amenities of Santa Fe are within 35 minutes of the gates of the ranch. The Santa Fe County Airport is expected to schedule nonstop commercial flights commencing in 2009. The location of Pecos River Ranch affords it all the benefits of proximity to Santa Fe, while remaining remote enough to cultivate the tranquility and peace of rural land.

The Recreation

Some five and three-quarter miles of the magnificent, clear-running, Pecos River traverse the ranch, providing endless enjoyment for anglers of every skill level.  The river is lined with majestic rock cliffs carved by the river, and towering ponderosa, cottonwood, box elder, and willow. Virgin growths of piñon, juniper and gambel oak cover the hillsides.

Pecos River Ranch enhances the native wildlife and recreational opportunities through sound wildlife and habitat management practices. Its ecosystem sustains an abundant variety of wildlife including, elk, bear, mountain lion, coyote, bobcat, and deer. Bird species include Merriam’s Turkey, bald eagle, a nesting pair of peregrine falcons, great blue heron, red-tailed hawks and ducks. Elk herds also use the Ranch as a migratory pathway astounding owner’s with their size and grandeur.

By saddle, mountain bike, or on foot, Pecos River Ranch invites roaming along miles of meandering trails. A far ranging system of backcountry trails link the ranch to the National Forest, beckoning those seeking more challenging treks. Even after decades of exploration, there will be new and beautiful corners of the ranch yet to be found.

With so few private wild lands remaining, Pecos River Ranch presents a rare opportunity to become a steward for this incredible fishery and wildlife habitat adjoining the Santa Fe National Forest. With the majority of the land unencumbered by a conservation easement, a new owner will have the opportunity to protect this ecological treasure forever.

Property Details

  • 5,970 acres (5,330 deeded and 640 leased) in San Miguel County, NM
  • Some five and three-quarter miles of trout-rich Pecos River wind through the ranch
  • Adobe Southwestern-styled 5,591-square-foot main home
  • 1,464-square-foot caretaker’s home in Southwestern style
  • Multiple additional guest homes, barns, garages and outbuildings
  • Excellent horse property that is currently home to 22 stalled and pastured horses; stalled areas for 8-10 horses and fenced pastures
  • 8 miles from Pecos, 22 miles from Santa Fe; 90 miles from Albuquerque
  • Accessible via the Santa Fe County Airport and the Albuquerque International Airport

Recreational Attributes

  • Fishing for rainbow trout, cutbows and the rare native Pecos River Strain of the Rio Grande Cutthroat in some five and three-quarter miles of the Pecos River
  • Hunting opportunities for elk and deer
  • Game bird hunting such as Merriam’s Turkey, mallards, Canada goose, pintail duck, green- and blue-winged teal; bird watching for a variety of raptors, songbirds and others
  • Perfect for horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking on the ranch as well as the surrounding forest and wilderness area
  • Santa Fe is just 22 miles away for dining, shopping, museums, galleries and unique Southwestern culture

Conservation Values

  • Location adjacent to the Santa Fe National Forest provides opportunity to act as steward of habitat in the greater Sangre de Cristo ecosystem
  • The singular Pecos River Strain of the Rio Grande cutthroat exits only in this stretch of the Pecos River
  • Habitat for elk, deer, red fox, bear, mountain lion, coyote, boar, bobcat, beaver, possum, porcupine, grey fox and more
  • Bird species on the ranch include bald eagle, peregrine falcon, Merriam’s turkey, mallards, Canada goose, pintail duck, green- and blue-winged teal, heron, red-tailed hawks, owl, a variety of songbirds and others